Why no neutral wire with 220

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A neutral provides a path in 120 volt circuits. Two hots, 240 volts, provide a path because the voltage/current alternates from positive to negative. The current flows toward the load during the positive cycle and flows away from the load during the negative cycle. Quote. Originally posted by Boscodog:. Measuring hot – remember to test neutral/ground to hot/ground, otherwise you would not know. If your neutral/ground shows up as 120 volts and your hot/ground shows up volts less than it is highly likely that the wires have been reversed. Under load conditions – typically a 2 volt or less is typical. If neutral/ground voltage is 0 volts then. On a 240 plug for a welder there is no neutral. Two wires are hot and the third is the ground. On the four wire plug two are hot, one neutral and the fourth is a ground. You only need the neutral for applications that require 120 volts. So there's nothing unsafe about the 3 wire when used correctly. As far as back feeding power I'm not going there.
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